SHINee’s Comeback Stage (Talk to You+Juliette) And #1 on KBS Music Bank 6/5/09

Oh. My. God. NO. WAY. I have NEVER heard of a group winning #1 on their very first comeback day!!! KYAAAAAAAA!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, BOYS, I’M SOOOO PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <345

Ok, some things to establish before I upload the shitload of videos I have.
1. I have come to appreciate Onew's smile so much more.
2. I love SM Family.
3. Key looks better as a blonde than I thought he would.
4. Bling is a big, fat adorable crybaby.
5. Taemin's vocals have improved so much it's amazing.

Okay. So. The performance, imho, pretty good. Except I didn't like that half of their dance movements were hampered by the microphones. Talk to You was pretty sexy, I wish they'd done a longer perf. :/

Waiting Room

Juliette+Talk to You

Winning No. 1 and Encore Stage

Comeback Rehearsal

Minho fancam

Bling fancam

Onew fancam

MingBling fancam (I think I prefer that couple name) *Lols, I love that cute little poke.

Comeback Rehearsal #2

Onew fancam

OnHyunTae fancam *LOLS Bling is just totally like BACK OFF LEADER HE’S MINE!! <3

Music Bank Ending Rehearsal *I think these are so funny. Why do they practice the endings??? Lols. Adorable SuJu+SHINee interactions, though.

DongHo fancam *Ohmigosh. They’re so adorable together. I looove Donghae. I get this feeling that Minho is the most affectionate out of all the members, don’t you?

MinNew *Wow. Dubu is such a dork. Lols. I love Minho’s ‘What?’ gesture.

Bling fancam

Onew fancam

Key fancam

JongTae fancams

Ohhhmigoosh Bliiiing stop crying darling. Key’s and Taemin’s expressions were HILARIOUS. But I think that Onew’s reaction was the funniest. He just kind of stared blankly, jerked, stared off into the distance, then started crying. Like, LOLS, YOU DORK. Anyway. Ohmigosh, I’m sooo happy for them. Can’t wait until tomorrow and Sunday!!!

Video Credits to: YoDubu1, bazoongkas, yootina, randy19973


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