SHINee’s Comeback Stage Juliette+Talk to You on SBS InkiGayo 6/7/09

For some reason, I think that comeback stages are always the best on SBS. Idk why, maybe because of the nice camera angles, or the looonger stages. Anyway, they wore the bug outfits (lols) for Juliette and the solo outfits they wore in the MV for Talk to You, which they performed a longer version of. I actually really like that they chose this song as part of their comeback stage because it showcases the rappers. I mean, how sexy is Key’s and Minho’s rap battle??? :DD I loved the camera angles, and they didn’t use the hand mikes, so we also got to see the full dance again. <3 This is my favorite comeback performance by far. I guess it was too much to hope for that they won on SBS too, right? Oh wells. Maybe after SuJu wins their triple crown. :D

Video Credits to: YoDubu1


One Response

  1. It was a colorful performance :)
    love it!

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