SHINee @ Taeyeon’s ChinChin Radio 6/10/09

Yay! Casual sexy outfits! Bling’s hair spiked up! <3 Is Onew's hair…blonder??? AHAHAHAAS look look look at Taem's hair sticking up. So cute. Don't they look fiiiine.

Juliette *Lols at Onew's random gestures AND his sexyyy smiles. And JongKey moment! And Taemin's awkward cute little smile! Some nice new adlibs from Bling and Onew. :]

Talk to You *Minho’s sexy smirk. FINALLY the cameraman closes up on him. >> I’m sorry, I know I’m kind of biased, but I think Onew’s body is (has gotten) verry hot. And Onew and Taemin’s high notes!!!

Gee by SNSD *OHmigosh I was just WAITING for something like this. SO CUTE. OHMYGOD. <333


Fool by Park Hyoshin *Onew solo. I love it when he plays the piano. He has such nice piano playing fingers. Did you know he learned by himself? His voice got a lot stronger and more controlled. I love it when he purses his mouth like that, it’s so cute ^^.


Whole Radio Appearance

Video Credits to: YoDubu1, randy19973, prot0980


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