SHINee’s Juliette MV Dance Version Released

Hahas yess I was waiting for this so I could do my-favorite-choreography-points sortof thing. Okay. I absolutely LOVE that little ‘hug’ dance at :38. And how cute is Taemin’s little spin into the middle at :42? (Which I’ve never noticed by the way). I also love 1:19 where it’s like a springing movement, espesh Key’s throw. And 1:45!! I love that move. Also, that rotating circle with the solo parts at 2:05 is just damn sexy. And I love Onew’s solo parts, espesh at 2:30, and his cute little come-hither gestures. And speaking of Onew, that dork messed up at 2:53. Lols I love him. And Key’s hat was all askew near the end. <3 Okay I'm done. What are your favorite choreo points? :D

Video Credits to: YoDubu1


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