SHINee @ ShimShimTapa Radio 6/11/09

Like A Virgin by Madonna *Parody. They’re so funny and off-key and cute. <3

Baby Baby by 4Men *Bling Solo. Yayy, finally we get to hear him sing the whole song. His high notes are just love. Lols what’s up with Onew cracking up, Key looking like a guilty little kid and pointing at Onew, and Taemin’s little mouth exercise? xD

*Onew. Oh Onew. Don’t cry. What are you talking about? You are such a kind, wonderful, adorable leader and hyung. Awwwws, Taemin’s and Key’s thumbs ups. And Key’s ‘SARANGHAE’ was adorable. OnKey yhay! <3

*Minho. Awwws. DongHo couple fighting! And ahahahahas. ‘Can I have some BGM’?

Video Credits to: minshinee, randy19973, theia88


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