SHINee’s Taemin @ KBS Music Bank 6/5/09

Okay, three fancams of Taemin from Friday. I decided to put it in a seperate post cuz there’s just way too much stuff on the other post. Honestly, I hope this is the last batch, I’m kind of getting tired of updating that post. Lols.

Taemin is so ADORABLE. Who can pass up the chance to hug him??? He’s so huggable and loveable, the hyungs just can’t leave him alone. I think that’s adorable. And oh yeah. LOOK AT HIS ADAM’S APPLE! He’s growing up. I’m sad. =[

Music Bank Ending Rehearsal

Music Bank #1 *LOLS I love his little gasp. I think he cried a little. And Minho!! He was crying too. Awww.

Backstage *Lols I officially now LOVE the managers. I love how Taemin just runs right into his arms after the encore stage. <3

Click here for the other post.

Video Credits to: randy19973


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