SHINee @ KBS Music Bank 6/12/09

I’m really really sorry about the late post.

Anyway. They didn’t win. Oh well. There’s always next week I guess. :/

Juliette *They’re wearing the bug outfits again.

Bling fancam *Lols at the stomach flashes and tongue action at the end. :D

Onew fancam *1:15 Lols I love how all he has to do is just stand there, and he looks like a lost little kid. xD

Rehearsal *Lols, why is Taem wearing a long sleeve shirt?

Bling fancam *He’s wearing a wifebeater! Zomfg, look at those aaarms. He’s soo sexyy.

Minho fancam

Taem fancam *Shorts! Keke.

Backstage *0:50 the backstage prepping! It’s cute that they still do that. :D

Key fancam *Awws so sweet.

*Lols he knows the dance moves already?? xD

HyunMin fancam

Ending *Lols what are they laughing at? ^^ And Key’s weird facial expression when he looked at Taec…xDD

Key fancam *XDD What the heck is he mumbling? He looks like a sad puppy. :D

Whew, that was a lot. Lols, and, I usually don’t post pictures from the performances for KBS, SBS, and MBC, but this is just too funny to pass up.
onkey mubank

Video Credits to: randy19973, YoDubu1, minshinee, bazoongkas


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  1. Haha, thanks for sharing the pic<3

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