SHINee @ KBS Music Bank+#1 6/19/09

Ahhhhh I’m soooo happyyyy. Good timing, too, cuz SNSD’s comeback is next week…I think. =]

Juliette *Not one of my favorite performances. Not the best camera angles, and I’m not a fan of polos or Onew’s blazer thingy. And what’s up with the boxed up stage? Lols, sorry for being so negative. Their live was great as always, however. =]

#1+Encore *Ohemgosh I’m sooo proud. They didn’t cry at all this time, they were just soo happy. The encore was so long! :DD And they won by soo much.

BLing fancam *He’s like a really hyper adorable little puppy. <3

Onew fancam *I love his :D face. xDD

Taemin fancam* Awwwws lolols at his look of intense concentration and then his sudden sunshiny smile.

Minho fancam *I love his smile. He looks so much more handsome in regular clothes. =]

Bling fancam *JongKey look so handsome in their similar outfits. <33

Onew fancam *He’s sooo smexyyy. I love his facial expressions, his energetic dancing, and his cute polo.

Rehearsal #2
Bling fancam

*That’s sooo cute.

Ending Rehearsal
JongKeyTae fancam

HyunMin fancam *Gasp, sooo scandalousss :D

Bling fancam

Key fancam


Video Credits to: WONROG2, randy19973, minshinee, YoDubu1


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