SHINee @ SBS InkiGayo 6/21/09

I am so so so sorry for the late post(s). I had such a busy weekend. I really am sorry. (Sings the SuJu song)

Juliette *I’m going to say this over and over. I absolutely LOVE SBS performances. I really don’t now why, maybe they just have some sort of extra tick to the performance. Anyhoooo they were sooo smexy and smiley and adorable. Taemin was extra smiley, Bling’s smirks were to die for, Key was sexy as always, and Minho! Did you see that extra sexy improv at the beginning of his rap? :DD Tie-dye outfits, whoo!

Save Energy, Save Earth Version 2 *They did another one! Yhay! Ohmygosh. This is even MORE adorable than the last one, if that’s even possible! I LOVE it when SHINee interacts with kids. Where to start! Them hugging and playing with the kids, Key reading the story to them (note Taem and BLing’s intense look of concentration LOLS), Minho taking little girls to the bathroom, Onew playing the piano for them, Minho and Key feeding them, Key throwing food at BLing, Bling being fed….Oh gooosh. I just love guys that are good with kids.


Video Credits to: randy19973sk


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