SHINee @ So Yoojin’s KBS HappyFM Radio 6/23/09

They always sound so powerful on radio performances. :D

Juliette *Onew doesn’t look as happy as usual…:/ Anyhoo, HoKey moment @ 1:07 and a wink form Key @ 2:13 :D

Talk to You *Okay now the dork is smiling. =]

Replay *It’s nice to hear the old classic.


*HAHAHAHAHAS. If I heard right, then Bling woke Onew up by mistake and Onew got mad. Ahahahahahas! All those ‘dot dot dot’s. So they do get into fights and yell at each other. Well, that’s what a family does. =]

*It’s so cute that they lipsync to their own songs.


*1:20 SHINee family moment. =]

Key *OnKeyHyun moment @ 1:31!!! I loooove it when Onew wears a cap. Key is sooo cute. So many JongKey moments, too. =DD Just as a matter of curiosity, why are all of them except for Taem wearing hats? xD


Video Credits to: cchungalung, YoDubu1, bazoonkas, minshinee


2 Responses

  1. Hello again (: may i ask (: what are they doing at the video of the Key’s fancam ???

  2. Ummm I think they’re just waiting and going over their scripts before the broadcast. Or maybe they’re taking a break? =]

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