SHINee’s Special Performances for Music Bank 6/26/09

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Soooo tomorrow is Music Bank’s midyear extravaganza. AND there are a bunch of upcoming special performances. The first thing to look forward to is that members from 2PM, 2AM, SuJu, and SHINee will get together as Boys’ Generation to perform Gee. The second thing is that SHINee, 2PM, SNSD, and KARA will perform songs of their sunbaes. AND SNSD’s comeback is tomorrow at MuBank as well. Will SHINee win a third MuBank award? Or will SNSD win the mutizen the day of their comeback like SHINee? All Imma say is that tomorrow’s episode of Music Bank is gonna be helluva fun. ;]


3 Responses

  1. onew fainted T_T

  2. love you minho :)

  3. ONEW – APPA!!!!!!!!

    KEY – APPA!!!!!!!

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