SHINee @ KBS Music Bank 6/26/09

What a night. I’m going to be writing up a separate post on Onew, so don’t curse me for seeming heartless in this post. I’ll cry in the next one.


Rehearsal Group Fancam *WHAT is Key wearing?

Gee *I like the manly touches they gave it, lols.

Key fancam *He’s so adorable ^^



We Are the Future *It’s nice to hear it in their own voices. =] They’re sooo hawt in thiss~ WHy are they sooo sexxyyy

ANNNND just because the cameraman totally missed it at the end…:
Just as a matter of curiosity, why is it always maknae Taem semi-stripping? It’s sexy, yes, but he IS the youngest…xDDD
Minho fancam *I think he is sooo sexy and not awkward at all. <3

Taemin fancam *Our maknae has grown sooo much. I kind of want to see him breakdancing for some reason. Awww he’s all embarrassed afterwards at the end, and the other members are laughing at him. ^^

Key fancam *I really wish they’d done the whole song.

Onew fancam *I think it’s so cute how he always looks the youngest even though he’s the oldest. :D

Bling fancam *The first part is Juliette rehearsal. We Are the Future starts @ 1:26. And of course, no one pwns sexy like Bling does.

Rehearsal Group Fancam

Taemin fancam

Bling fancam *LOLS he’s SO cute.

*They’re, like, so mesmerized. xD

Video Credits to: CodeMonmonSeason2, bazoongkas, randy19973. minshinee


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