SHINee @ MBC Music Core 6/27/09

Ohhhhh that intro in the beginning was smexyyyyy. I wish they’d wear suits for Juliette performances, now THAT would be wayyy hot. A flawless performance as usual, but the camera angles had me kind of claustrophobic T-T. Some tongue action and sexy smirks. =DD Glad to see Onew back on his feet; just not as smiley as usual. :/

Rehearsal *This is the unbroadcasted version. It’s mostly an Onew fancam. He looks exxxxtra tired. =[

Video Credits to: CodeMonmonSeason2, minshinee


One Response

  1. I agree with you. I don’t really like the camera angles keep changing a lot. It’s so annoying when I try to focus on someone and it shoots away.. argh!

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