SHINee’s Onew’s Accidents @ KBS Music Bank 6/26/09

Yes, accidents plural. This isn’t funny anymore. I feel soooo bad. I really really really wish he would be more careful. Why is he always getting hurt? And he’s the only one out of all the members, too.

Juliette Performance *He fell, and hurt his leg somehow I think. The fall is @ 0:28. And you can see him stumble at 1:58 and 2:55. T_T

And then, at the ending of Music Bank after SNSD won, Onew was exiting the stage. But, a light fixture fell from the ceiling, and he was right underneath. Super Junior’s Siwon and Kyuhyun grabbed it before it could cause any serious damage, but Onew passed out from the shock. He was rushed to the hospital and fortunately, was cleared and discharged. He was pronounced well by the doctor, and he will be performing at MBC’s Music Core today.

Fancam of Incident


Video Credits to: CodeMonmonSeason2, kahboon, heartquakeeee


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