SHINee @ SBS InkiGayo + #1 6/28/09


Juliette *Prettyyyyy oufits!! Espesh Onew’s. He looks so sexxyy in that outfit. I won’t mind if they repeat those outfits. ;]

Onew fancam *Yessss. I love this person for taking a fancam of Onew in his sexy outfit. It’s at times like these he really looks his age. ;]

#1+Encore *LOLS Onew’s voice cracked. I’m so proud, they didn’t cry at all. I’m sooo happy for them. This is like the best get-well present ever for Onew. I love how Taemin is like Leader Hyung! Give the speech! Ahahahhas. I kind of wished they’d shown more of the encore. :/

Onew fancam

Thank You

Video Credits to: CodeMonmonSeason3, WONROG2, randy19973, cchungalung


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