SHINee @ Star Golden Bell Recording 6/29/09

I can’t wait for this episode. =]

Onew fancam *LOLS he’s so adorable.

Bling fancam *LOLS he’s all embarrassed. I think Bling got his hair trimmed. He’s such a cute puppy. ^0^

VIdeo Credits to: minshinee, randy19973, bazoongkas


3 Responses

  1. yep! jonghyun got a trim! :]

    minho’s hair is getting kind of shaggy
    he waved his hair like boys over flowers’ lee minho

    i loved how onew and jonghyun sat at 0:57
    so cute! :]]]]

    thanks for the posts!

  2. […] SHINee @ Star Golden Bell Recording 6/29/09 Update More fancams and pictures added. Click here. […]

  3. waaah..
    i love SHINee men!

    they’re soo totally cute!
    i heart onew and key!

    min ho’s some kinda cutie though..

    really lurve dem.!

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