SHINee in Movie Week

So adorable. Minho looks pretty hot in glasses. ;]

Interview *In five syllable answer format. This obviously would only work in Korean. =]
☆ How are the noona-fans?
Taemin: Super reliable!

☆ The thing you have the most confidence in?
Onew: Empty (non-substantial) gags!
Taemin: Always the maknae!
Onew: I am the leader!
Jonghyun: Infinite amount of confidence!
Key: Really good memory!
Minho: Really competitive!
Jonghyun: Minho isn’t just really competitive…more like everything is a competition for him…it is an infinite amount of competitive-ness!

☆ Member habits that you hate?
Taemin: Rolling over me when I sleep!
Jonghyun: When they don’t wake up even after being called! This happens when we’re really tired…right, Minho? (laughs)

☆ Your #1 most precious item?
Jonghyun: I don’t have a precious item!
Onew: My voice!
Key: My family, of course!
Taemin: Ah…I was thinking about this…
Minho: SHINee’s albums!
Onew: “THJ”’s script? Haha
Taemin: The people by my side!

☆ Your final goal?
Onew: Continuing on till the end!
Jonghyun: I can’t decide on one!
Key: I must finish!…number one, haha.
Jonghyun: A very sharp/on-the-dot answer.
Taemin: To be the best!
Onew: Minho’s would be “The best ‘Winning Eleven’ player”, right? Or would it be “To be Henry’s (He means Thierry Henry, a soccer player) friend/partner”?
Minho: To be number one! I hope that SHINee can be number one everywhere.


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