SHINee @ KBS Music Bank 7/3/09

Is it just me…why does their rank keep fluctuating between 1st and 4th place? So weird.

Juliette *Nice new outfits. Looky look look at BLing’s armsss. And…am I hallucinating or did they skip the last rendition of the chorus????

Onew fancam

Bling fancam

Taemin fancam *He’s frighteningly skinny. =[

Key fancam *Lols so pro I love how he just took it off.

Bling fancam *Lols, Minho and Taemin couldn’t make it to the rehearsal, so two backup dancers filled in. It was so funny how Bling was cracking up. ^^

Jonghyun fancam

*I can totally see BLing being a rapper, can’t you? Ahhh I’m so jealous. It’s adorable how he’s so bored.

Key fancam

HyunMin fancam

Taemin fancam

OnHyunKey fancam

Video Credits to: CodeMonmonSeason2, randy19973, minshinee, bazoongkas


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