SHINee’s Interview In Sports Seoul

I feel so bad for Taemin.

SHINee, who had the 3 past hits “Replay”, “Love Like Oxygen”, and “Amigo” has hit a 4 consecutive homerun with the summery dance track “Juliette”. This track, written personally by Jonghyun, with influences from the movie “Romeo and Juliet”, has been successfully popular wtih SHINee’s special and rich vocals, along with performances that bring the lyrics to life.

Who could the “noonas’ romance” SHINee’s stars’ be? What do they get excited over and what do they hate? Using the letters that make up the name SHINee, we unravel the answers.

S(STAR) – Who are SHINee’s stars?

Onew: Stevie Wonder. Ray Charles. The old pop singers.
When I hear those stars’ songs, I get goosebumps.
Jonghyun: Neyo. Chris Brown.
Neyo’s fitting pop and R&B harmonious vocals are admirable. I like Chris Brown’s performances.
Minho: Justin Timberlake. Usher. The concept of singing while dancing is really cool.
In Korea, it would be DBSK, Shinhwa, and Super Junior. They are sunbaenims that I’ve liked since I was little.
Key: Michael Jackson. Justin Timberlake. Female singers are Madonna, Britney Spears, and Lady Gaga.
I like artists who can perform well.
Taemin: Michael Jackson. The energy on stage to amaze people is so cool.
I want to learn that kind of energy. My heart hurts because a top star like that passed away so suddenly.

H(HATE) – What do you hate?

Onew: Mosquitoes. I can’t even scratch it if it’s on my face because it might leave a scar.
It’s also tiresome and itchy when you’re bitten on the bottom of the foot.
Jonghyun: The heat. I have a lot of heat in my body, so if it’s hot,
I can’t sleep well and suffer from insomnia. The winter is better.
Minho: Losing. I have a strong greed for victory.
It’s to the point that if I lose a soccer match with another class, I can’t sleep at night.
Key: Carrots. Every since I was little, I hated carrots. There’s no reason. I just hate it.
Taemin: Bugs. I hate all kinds of bugs. I can’t touch them. I can’t even catch mosquitoes.

I(INTEREST) – Something you’re interested in at the moment?

Onew: Lately, I’ve been reading the Sherlock Holmes series and it’s really interesting.
Holmes’ hard-headed judgments are fascinating.
Jonghyun: Writing lyrics. I’ve really been into writing lyrics lately.
I’ve always been interested in this even before debut. It feels good to present my first song.
Minho: Soccer. Ever since I was little, my future aspiration was to become a soccer player.
I was influenced by my dad (Choi Yungeom, Daejeon Manager).
I like watching and playing soccer. A player I like is Thierry Daniel Henry.
Key: Fashion. I look through a lot of street magazines and show collections.
I also share a lot of stories with our stylist, Designer Ha Sangbaek, who really likes John Galliano.
Taemin: Acting. I’ve become very interested in acting while filming the sitcom “Taehee, Hyegyo, Jihyun”

N(NEED) – What do you need?

Onew: Experience. I want to experience many things in life.
Jonghyun: Driver’s license. I’m at an age to earn one.
Minho: Study. Because it’s something you need as a student.
Key: Practice. I want to keep improving.
Taemin: Exercise. I have a very thin body frame. I want to build up strength.

E(EVERYTHING) – What’s important to you?

Onew: Pictures. Because you’re able to revisit those happy or memorable moments.
Jonghyun: Family. Just their existence gives me strength.
Minho: Eyes. You need to see to feel, right? Even those around say my charm is my eyes.
Key: Myself. Because I am here, I can be a member of SHINee.
Taemin: Practice room. It’s more comfortable than home.

E(EXPECT) – What are you anticipating?

Onew: Potential development. I anticipate how much more I can grow.
Jonghyun: More bigger strength. When I have expectations, I want to clench my teeth and work even harder. That’s the kind of strength I want.
Minho: My decisions in the future. Joining SHINee and debuting as a singer were all my choices.
I’m waiting to see what kind of decisions I’ll make in the future.
Key: What will the outcome of Juliette be like?
Taemin: I was anticipating Michae Jackson’s concert,
but since I can’t see his performances in person, my heart hurts a lot.


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