SHINee @ Star Golden Bell 7/11/09

Cute+funny as always. I think Key in particular was really adorable.

English Subbed Cuts

Cut 1

Cut 2

Full Episode
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Video Credits to: koreangirl123456, mellongreenleaf


4 Responses

  1. […] English subbed cuts added to Star Golden Bell post. Click here. […]

  2. omg!
    i loved it translated! :DDD
    Key’s smile is so cute at 6:08 of cut 1
    ahhhhh :]]]]
    so cute :D

  3. oh!
    and shouldn’t Minho only by 17/18?
    he’s the second youngest

  4. The way they calculate age in Korea is pretty weird. By normal standards, Minho would be turning 18 this year. But in Korea, they count the months you spend during pregnancy as a year, so you’re already a ‘year’ old when you’re born. So in Korea, he’s turning 19. Another weird thing is that once it’s New Year’s in Korea, you’re already the age you’re going to turn that year. Confusing, I know. So if in Korea, you’re going to turn 18 (which in America would be 17), and it’s New Year’s, you’re already considered 18 even if it hasn’t been your birthday yet for that year. That’s why Minho is ’19’, Key is also ’19’, Onew is ’21’, and Bling is 20 (because his birthday passed for 2009 already).

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