SHINee in KBS Interview 7/12/09

KBS you ass. Don’t just call Onew a coward without looking into the actual situations first. It’s not like he falls on purpose.

Video Credits to: cchungalung


2 Responses

  1. I do agree! they are really the worse!
    That’s why I’m “hosting” a petition to ask KBS to apologie toward Onew for those words respectless.
    If you could help me to advert it to make this petition have the most of persons possible ^^
    Because we can’t let just a channel insult Idols just to wash theire hands of a terrible incident. They are like trying to make ppl forget what happened by showing a “documentary” about Onew!

  2. […] a few days ago and how they brought up the question of if Onew is a coward or not? (If not, click here.) At first, I just let it slide, because there is such a thing as overreacting. But as this issue […]

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