SHINee’s Onew and Minho @ Gag Show 7/12/09

I absolutely love how much more confident Minho is, lols his ‘model pose’. And Onew sings Bling’s line!! And LMAO Onew and Minho ‘crying’. Onew’s Donald Duck impersonation comes out again…They dance! Hahas the replay version of Replay…and there isn’t only just the S-line! ‘I think we’re gonna lose fans.’ LOLS this was hilarious. They need to come out on shows like this more. I used to think that if all of SHINee didn’t come out, it wouldn’t be complete, but you see more of their individual charms this way sometimes. =]

Video Credits to: randy19973


2 Responses

  1. hahahaha
    that was hilarious!

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