SHINee’s Onew Taking the Fall for KBS?

All of you SHINee fans, remember that interview thing from KBS a few days ago and how they brought up the question of if Onew is a coward or not? (If not, click here.) At first, I just let it slide, because there is such a thing as overreacting. But as this issue came up in discussions and articles, I want to address it. First of all, Onew does fall down a lot. Not on purpose, not to attract attention, not to shore up his ‘Onew Condition’, not because he’s a COWARD which doesn’t make any sense whatsoever at all. He falls down a lot because he’s CLUMSY. Also, Onew is a very supporting and kind leader to the other members as they have said time and time again. Also, on that particular KBS MuBank performance, it was the half year special. Right before SHINee’s Juliette was 2NE1’s Umbrella and Fire, during which they used a rain machine. The staff members didn’t mop up properly, and this resulted in Onew slipping and falling into an awkward position during one of the complicated routines of the dance. At the ending of MuBank, he was clearly seen limping and in discomfort. When the light fell near him, he fainted from shock and and overload of stress. And that wasn’t all. Didn’t any of you wonder why Sungmin of SuJu was standing off to the side during their performance? It’s because he tripped over something and ripped his knee and was taken to the hospital for stitches. This is all the fault of careless KBS staff members. Short of apologizing, instead, they released an interview where they raise the question of whether or not Onew is a coward. A medical specialist, I’m presuming, confirmed that the fainting was not due to cowardice but trauma. Why would they bring up the issue if it’s going to be resolved to easily? And why did they show a clip of Onew falling from the wet floor as just his natural clumsiness? Are they trying to push off their inadequacies to Onew? As I was browsing though the SHINee community posts on LiveJournal, I came across a post where the author said that KBS edited the broadcast version so that it seemed like SHINee performed first and 2NE1 after, thus making is seem like Onew fell on his own. Seriously though? What the hell? KBS needs to own up that they made a mistake, no, several mistakes, and apologize to Onew.


2 Responses

  1. – F*ck KBS.
    So pissed :\

  2. Agreed.
    I think it’s really wrong what they’ve done..
    Hopefully they do apologize!

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