Happy 16th Birthday, Taemin! 7/18/09

You guys know the drill by now. =] Time for an appreciation post! Oh, and in Korea, it’s Taemin’s 17th birthday. Kaykay? Let’s get started~!

Fanvid *So adorable.


Lee Taemin, the Makdoongie. He’s not just cute. He is the definition of adorable. His smile is so innocent. Everyone who sees him just wants to steal him away and give him everything he wants. But the thing is, that’s not all to him. Taemin, despite his young age, is the lead dancer of SHINee. And surprisingly, he can be sexy and manly, and, he even looks really really good in a suit. His dancing is unbelievable for his young age. His dancing skills are prestigious, and, since he’s so good at dancing, he can adapt to any kind of genre of dance. Why is Taemin always at the center of SHINee during their performances? Because he deserves it.

Dance Battle Cut @ SMTOWN ’08 in Bangkok

Dance Battle Cut @ SBS Gayo Daejun

But dancing isn’t all to him at all. There is so much potential to his singing and rapping. His singing, which was the weakest out of all the SHINee members, has steadied out into a dependable vocal. He also plays the piano, and all of the SHINee members agree that he’s the best out of all of them at playing the piano. Also, you could say he’s the glue that holds SHINee together. He has a wonderful, loving hyung-dongseng relationship with all of the members, to the point that you will find his name paired in a couple the most. What’s a little surprising is that he doesn’t cry easily, because he doesn’t like crying in front of people. He has a strong side to him too, and he supports and comforts his hyungs while they’re crying or down. But he’s still always the little dongseng as you can see by how much love he’s given not just from SHINee members but from the whole SM family. What would SHINee do without its lovable, cute, talented makdoongie?

Happy Birthday Taemin! Don’t grow up too fast, please. :] We love you too much.

Video Credits to: randy19973, xoxoaznshortiee, rachelvball, d0ngbangjunior


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  1. nice appreciation post :)
    Happy Birthday Taemin!!!

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