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Guys! Gene is back~! I had a great time, but now that I’m back, I can’t wait to get started! Of course, I’m kind of way way way WAY behind on KPOP, SHINee…ugh. And, before I say anything else, kudos to chachamango for keeping up my blog while I was gone! She’s off to Orlando now for HER vacation. Perfect timing, huh? :] Hope the change wasn’t too confusing. But my blog will be back to normal soon, I promise. I’m sorry to say this, but, for this week, my blog will kind of be down on things. I really need to catch up, reorganize, fix up some stuff, etc. So please be patient. I love all you guys and SHINee! I’m pretty definitely sure that I’ll be all caught up on things, SOON. By the end of this week, at the most. SHINeexWorld will be back on it’s feet soon. =] Hope you guys missed me!


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  1. welcome back! :D

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