SHINee HUGE UPDATE Up to 8/9/09

Ummm okayy so chachamango missed a couple of stuff while I was gone, so all the missed stuff will be in this post. I’m undecided as to whether or not do that for all the things I missed this week, but I’ll get back to you on that. Ahhhhh, I’m so dead and behind on things. T_T Someone kill me now. Here goes.

ShimShimTapa 7/30/09 Jonghyun
You’re My Lady by Jongyeop

Sexy Love by NeYo and Candace Jones *JongSica duet.

MBC Music Core 8/1/09 Onew and Jessica Duet: One Year Later *Sooo beautiful.

Kiss the Radio Live Broadcasting 8/3/09

Gag Night 8/6/09 Onew and Key Cut *Lols. I love their outfits. =]

Open Concert 8/9/09


SBS InkiGayo 8/9/09 Key and Taemin in 3rd Girl Group Project SNSD’s Genie *AHAHAHAS SOOO ADORABLE.

Dream OST: Countdown *It’s a nice, strong song. =]

DL Link

SMTOWN 09: Scar *I really like this song. <3

DL Link

Nanas’ B CF Part 2 *Ahahahas Onew can fly!

Nanas’ B Interview

Nanas’ B Photoshoot

Nanas’ B Song Recording

I don’t think I missed anything. If I did, let me know. This is only up to 8/9/09. I know I didn’t do any of this past week at all. Please bear with me. T_T

Video Credits to: prot0980, XxtenerifexX, minshinee, dirah9302, randy19973, eijisatoshi, BigBangSHINeeEmpire


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