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Hey guys. This admin needs to go take some Advil, asap, so I’ll make this quick. I know I said I’d have my blog back up running in a week and it’s been about…er…let’s not think about that. Anyway, I spent all of today catching up and I posted a whopping 17 posts (including this one), and believe me, it was not easy. Buut that’s my punishment for procrastinating and keeping you guys waiting. I’m really sorry about that. T_T But, I’m glad to say, SHINee’s WORLD IS BACK ON ITS FEET! Daily updates everyday. I’m all caught up. :) Sooo, here are the things that I’ve missed, in chronological order. Knock yourself out. <:)

8/10/09 Japan Fanmeeting
8/13/09 Seosan Fanmeeting
8/15/09 Republic of Korea
8/15/09 Star Golden Bell
8/20/09 Clride.n Fansign
8/21/09 Cheongdamjae
8/28/09 Chuncheon
8/29/09 U-PLEX
8/29/09 Nanas’ B Fansign
8/29/09 MBC Music Core
8/31/09 Wonju
8/11/09-8/25/09 FBG Compiled
8/16/09-8/30/09 Shim Shim Tapa Compiled
8/6/09-9/4/09 THJ Compiled
Reebok Compiled
Clride.n Compiled


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