SHINee’s First Japan Fanmeeting 8/10/09

I honestly hope they do good in Japan like DBSK. :) Usually I lose interest in artists’ endeavors in Japan cuz…I don’t know. Lols. But I might make an exception for SHINee. :]

Solo Performances

Jonghyun Singing Hitomi wo Tojite
Full Audio *He sings in Korean first and then in Japanese. DL Link


Taemin Dancing
Fancam *I love it when he smiles while dancing, it’s like the sexiest smirk ever.

Minho Singing Milk Tea
Fancam *Dang. LSM seriously needs to let this guy sing. And ahahhas that cute little bow at the end! <3

Onew Singing I Believe
Full Audio *-Melts-.

Chocolate Disco *Hahas so adorable.
Key Fancam

MingBling Fancam

In General
Key Fancam

Video Credits to: randy19973, dirah9302


3 Responses

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  2. I am happy because you guys are AWESOME and I LOVE YOU!!!!

    Elle Taemin

    ShaWol Fighting!!! :D

  3. Love you, TAEMIN!!

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