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Hey guyys. My name is Gene. I’ve always wanted someplace dependable where I could get the most recent news about SHINee everyday in an easy, organized, unconfusing way…so I decided to make my own for all you fellow fans out there. I will post news and information about them and basically try to keep you up to date. I’ll most likely be posting everyday.

Please leave comments, and check back; I keep my blog up to date with the most recent news about SHINee complete with pictures, videos, and thoughts.
Comments are appreciated so much. =] Mind, though, I probably won’t reply to them, but don’t think that I’m ignoring them! I read all of them, and it makes me really happy people check back and appreciate my blog.

Any negative or inappropriate comments will be deleted; everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but please respect my blog, SHINee, and SHINee’s fans.

If you have any questions, requests, thoughts, etc. leave a comment on the open thread page. =] I will reply to comments on there.

Also, the date in the title of the post is the date that post is about, and is in this order: day/month/year.


16 Responses

  1. waah~~
    i’ve been searching for a site where i can be updated about SHINee..and this was the one i found…i’ll always visit your site…tnx:)

  2. nice blog ♥

  3. this blog is so nice..
    more power..!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing these things with other SHINee fans like me! :)

  5. Hey, I love this blog!!! You organise everything in a neat and nice way! Keep it up!! Thanks you so much!!!!!!

  6. Thank you for updating everything about SHINee.I’m envy with you he5x if i had lived in korea maybe i would followed doing thing like you.but keep moving!fighting!

  7. Thank youu. And actually, I live in the States, lols. But thanks anyway ^^

  8. hello gene!!
    i’ve always been searching for shinee’s site!!
    and thank god i found yours! ^^

    btw i’m a new fan.
    so to find your site is like heaven!! ^^

  9. hi there! i just wanna say “thank youuuu!!” for giving the time and effort to create and maintain this site..you really are heaven sent.. ;)

    hope we can be friends.. SHINee fighting!!

  10. keep it upp :)
    thanks for doing this too.
    Good job!!

  11. Hah, thanks for having this website! I can know SHINee more! Thank You Very Much! (:

  12. hey THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!! for giving us all this information about SHINEE!! really really APPRECIATE it!! i will always come back to ur blog to read more about SHINEE!


  13. wow god your imprssive i dont really have timee to check abt SHINee stuff cause of studies thank you for this better to see in your blog to find your own website abt SHINee,thnks so much Gene!!!!!!!!!^^

  14. Thannnnx so much 4 the wonderful page :)

  15. ilove shinee

  16. CAN they take care of me because my parents are to bossy and I hate them im just 12 years old and I wanna have fun for once in kid life key could help us understand each other I live in L.A

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