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Questions, requests, thoughts, comments? =] Or just want to spazz about SHINee in general? <3


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  1. Hi! I just want to ask if you have any idea about the news that SHINee’s 2nd mini album will come out this May? I mean, do you think it’s really possible? Because the month has already started, yet there are still no previews or additonal news about it. Thanks very much! :)

  2. i am pretty much 100% sure they’re coming out in about 2 weeks. the date is may 19th, but it’s subject to change, of course. don’t worry, teasers and all that fun stuff will start coming out soon. ^^ why else would they get new haircuts? if anything new comes out, you can be sure it’ll be on my blog. =]

  3. I just wanted to say thanks. (:

  4. erm … may i ask how you put youtube videos on this blog ??? anyway i am SHINee’s fan too (: can’t wait for their new album to be out in my country (:

  5. Sure. ^^ when you go watch a video on Youtube, there’s a description box to the right of the video, right? At the bottom of the description box is:

    URL [box with link in it]
    Embed [box with code in it]

    I just copy and past the embed code into my post.

  6. hey i want to know if u have the pictures u use on the top of the pages there so cute is there a way that u can put them up with out the worlds in front of it

  7. Sure. Is there any one picture you liked in particular, or just all of them? =]

  8. hello gene.
    i have a question.
    are they gonna debut in japan like dbsk??
    i mean… are they gonna have japanese albums, singles n all?? ^^


  9. Yes, they are. Actually, there is a concert and an album release planned for this summer. :] They are going under the same company as DBSK is in, in Japan.

  10. oic. so they’re going to be sooo busy like dbsk. T_T
    thanks anyway! ^^

  11. all of the photos lol

  12. Do they plan on coming back to New Zealand? *prays*

  13. I don’t think so. Sorry. :/

  14. Aww damn :( well I hope a bunch of other awesome korean stars see the photos and like them and decide to come :) lol.

    btw, awesome site :) loving the new pic for the site, I’m in love with Taemins hair .. (=^-^=)

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  16. Hi Gene :]
    I’ve been looking for this video or just information about the interview? (I’m guessing) of a time when, I’m pretty sure, SHINee first debuted? I’ve seen a cg of the video and clips from it, but I never found out where it was from? If this makes any sense at all XP All I know is the boys are wearing these outfits:

    and that’s it. Oh! and Jonghyun and Key are goofing around with each other. Sorry, I know it’s not descriptive at all XP. Oh! haha but my question was, I was wondering if you know what video I’m referring to and if you can help me find it or just give me info about it? I guess it has always bothered me since the day I became a fan. haha Thanks a lot :] I know it’s a shot in the dark because I have no idea if I’ve made any sense haha but! I figured you’d be the best person to ask :] Thanks for the constant SHINee updates and for the help! :]

  17. I’m really sorry, but I actually don’t know. Gasp, I know. xD I recognize those outfits…but…if you sent me some of those clips, I might be better able to recognize it. I only became a die-hard fan around September of 2008, so dating before that I’m not that expert on. So…send me some of the links to those clips, and I’ll try and find it? Sorry I couldn’t be of any more help. :/

  18. it’s ok :] I’ll try to find clips because I’ve only seen some pieces used in a few fan videos :\ I became a fan around the end of 2008 so yeah…i’m not too familiar with stuff before then either. haha I’ve only watched their debut performances and such :\ it’s kind of sad because they were bashed a lot in the beginning :\ (on allkpop) but! I’ll try to find some clips :] thanks!

  19. when does SHINee’s fall album come out

  20. *full

  21. I’m not sure, but I’ve heard rumors that they’re going to come out with another album later in the year. They recently posted some messages on their homepage, and it seems like they’re getting ready for another comeback! Not soon, of course. Anyway, my blog will keep you updated about that.

  22. please come back i miss not following ur blog any more :(

  23. hi dis me ! the wife of JJONG

  24. do u know when is shinee’s next performance in 2010

  25. Hello,
    @zenaida SHINee performed on Music Bank yesterday :)
    They performed Lucifer and Up & Down.

  26. Do you guys even READ your blogs anymore?

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  28. can min ho speak english

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